Selección de otras publicaciones de interés

Ernstson, K., Mayer W., Neumair, A., and Sudhaus, D. (2011): The sinkhole enigma in the alpine foreland, Southeast Germany: Evidence of impact-induced rock liquefaction processes. –


Ernstson, K., Claudin, F., Schüssler, U. & Hradil, K. (2002): The mid-Tertiary Azuara and Rubielos de la Cérida paired impact structures (Spain). – Treb. Mus. Geol. Barcelona, 11, 5-65. –

The Sirente craters (Italy): On the possible origin of geomagnetic anomalies (Ormö et al. 2007)

by Mayer, W., Claudin, F. & Ernstson, K.


Regmaglypts on clasts from the Puerto Mínguez ejecta, Azuara multiple impact event (Spain)

by Ferran Claudin & Kord Ernstson


Unusual melt rocks from meteorite impact

by Kord Ernstson, Uli Schüssler, Ferran Claudin and Michael Hiltl

Abstract. – We show and discuss unusual impact melt rocks from the sedimentary target of the Azuara/Rubielos de la Cérida multiple impact in Spain: a silicate melt rock originating from the melting of shale, a carbonate-phosphate melt rock showing liquid immiscibility of carbonate and phosphate melt, carbonate and sulfate melt rocks, a carbonate-psilomelane melt rock, and amorphous carbon particles in a microbreccia probably being carbon glass that has originated from the shock melting of Cretaceous coal.


An Impact Crater Chain in Northern Spain

by K. Ernstson, U. Schüssler, F. Claudin & T. Ernstson

… the complete article published in METEORITE magazine


Are bent planar deformation features (PDFs) no PDFs?

by K. Ernstson


A comprehensive report on the Rubielos de la Cérida impact basin and crater chain (Spain) including 170 new images (outcrops, impact breccia samples, impact melt rocks, photomicrographs of shock metamorphism) tables and diagrams.


The Holocene Tüttensee meteorite impact crater in southeast Germany

by Chiemgau Impact Research Team (CIRT)


A gravity survey of the Holocene Lake Tüttensee meteorite impact crater (Chiemgau impact event)

by Kord Ernstson (2011)


A peculiar prehistoric artifact in the Tüttensee impact ejecta (“Bunte Breccia”; Chiemgau Holocene impact event)

by Till Ernstson